Let's Create Something Special

How many people do you expect and what shape do you prefer?

Round and Square cakes are 4" tall.
They feature 3 filling layers and 4 cake layers.
Sheet cakes are 2" tall.
They include 1 layer of filling and 2 cake layers.
7 inch round Square 8 inch Half Sheet
Diameter Servings Square Size Servings Sheet Size Servings
4" Smash Cake 4" Smash 1/2 Sheet 32-45
6" 6-8 6-8" 16-24 1/4 Sheet 12-20
7" 8-12 10" 32-40 4-layer Kitchen (1/2) 60-70
9" 16-20 4-layer Kitchen (1/4) 20-40
10" 30-40
12" 48-56
14" 50-63
16" 56-77
18" 60-80
Each custom cake "Base Price" includes your choice of sponge and layer flavor.
If staying within our standard base price sponge and layer flavors, which of the following do you prefer.

Sponge Layer Flavor
Yellow Lemon Curd
Chocolate Lemon/Raspberry
Marble Flavored Buttercream
White Chiffon
Do you want specialty decorations, sponge and layer flavors?
You can customize your cake any number of ways with speciality sponge and layer flavors and unique piping, painting and fabricated decorations. When your event demands a uniquely delicious and spectacular presentation cake, consider our specialty sponge and layer flavors and artistic decorations.

Speciality Decoration:  Our Pastry Chef is extremely talented and creative. We're confident you'll be pleased with our range of artistic design capabilities.

Speciality Sponge Flavors:  Carrot, Lemon Poppyseed, Lemon, Marble, Velvet.

Speciality Layer Flavors:  Snow Queen, Chocolate Carmel Cream, White Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pastry Cream, Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese Frosting, Tiramisu, Midnight Chocolate Raspberry and Tiger.

Delicious Flavor Combinations for Your Consideration:
Red Velvet — Red velvet cake with traditional red velvet icing.
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate — Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate with Raspberry or Orange — Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, fruit filling.
Chocolate & Cream — Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, whipped cream.
Chocolate with White Chocolate Ganache — Chocolate cake, white chocolate ganache, whipped cream.
Lemon/Raspberry — Layers of yellow sponge cake, fresh lemon curd, imported raspberry filling, with buttercream.
White Chocolate — Layers yellow sponge cake, white chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream and whipped cream.
Chocolate & Custard — Yellow sponge cake, chocolate ganache, our special mousseline cream.
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